Hair-Loss Prevention & Replacement

We know that when your hair looks good, you feel great. The experts at Franki & Co. are committed to finding the right solution for your hair replacement or hair-loss-prevention. Whether you’re in need of a customized hair system, a ready-to-wear wig or other at home treatment options, please trust us for your personalized regiment.

Hair Replacement Options

Hair replacement options are an always evolving and growing industry. We stay well-educated about all hair replacement options for men, women and children. Regardless if your hair loss is genetic, medical, stress or hormone related we can help. Call us to schedule your confidential consultation.


Franki & Co. offers only the finest quality of synthetic, ready-to-wear wigs. We have carefully selected the best-selling styles and colors in the Rene of Paris®, Noriko®, Amore® and Revlon® collections to give you natural looking, gorgeous hair. Each wig purchase comes with a private consultation and a complimentary cutting and styling to personalize the wig for you.

Customized Top of Head SystemsWigs before and after at Franki & Co.Wigs before and after at Franki & Co.

Regardless of how much hair you’ve lost, we have a solution for you. We tailor your new hair system to your head size, hair texture, color and density. Our customized hair replacement option gives quick and impressive results for men, women and children.

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At-Home Treatments and ProductsProducts

We offer many options for at-home treatments and products. From shampoos and serums to FDA-approved laser comb therapy, let us educate you on your best choices to regrow and strengthen your hair.

Hair loss is common with nearly half of us experiencing thinning by age 50. We are frequently asked what causes hair loss.

There are many causes for hair loss. Knowing the source of your hair loss will help you and your stylist make a decision on a treatment plan. Age and genetics are the most common causes of hair loss. These causes are followed by medical conditions or treatments such as hormone imbalance, prescription medications, chemotherapy, and hair disorders such as alopecia and trichotillomania. Stress and diet may also cause hair loss.